Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday at the PNE

Who's crazy enough to go to the PNE on the last, sunny, Saturday of the summer. Well, that would be The Gimp (Russ is still dealing with a pinched sciatic nerve) and The Prego (I am 24 weeks as of Friday!). But we did it for LOVE! We knew how much Robynn would love to go, and we wanted to do something as a family before I head back to work on Tuesday, so... crazy, crazy, crazy...

Robynn did love it: painting cars, running around the park, the parade, the food! But She loved going on the rides most of all- and waiting for 30 minutes before almost every ride didn't even phase her! She always found a friend to chat with or run around with - and of course there was cotton candy! She had so much fun on all of the rides, well, with the exception of one: the little kid's "Hellavator." When we asked her if she wanted to go on it, she pointed to the real Hellavator beside it and said "I want to go on THAT one!" Well, after the ride, she certainly didn't want to go on it a second time let alone go on the real one!

Russ and I took turns going on some of the rides with Robynn, and some rides she went on all by herself - because she's ALMOST 4 you know! But for the last ride of the day we all went on one of the most harmless rides of all: the Ferris Wheel. I can't even rember the last time I went on a ferris wheel, but I know I won't be going on one again soon. It was SO nerve racking! I was petrified - literally! Russ couldn't even pry my fingers off of the handles. Notice how happy and relaxed Russ and Robynn are compared to the death grip I have on Robynn when she came over to my side of the ride. Needless to say, she wanted to go back to Daddy's side. He was laughing so hard that he even hurt himself further (serves him right!). And Robynn kept saying "This one isn't scarry Mum." Thanks kid.

When all was said and done, we did have a really good family day. Robynn is looking forward to next year (we'll go on a weekday!). She want's to give the "scary ride" another try when she's REALLY 4!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

... come back another day.

That has been Robynn's theme song for the past couple of weeks. Last night in prayer, she asked God to give us a sunny day. When she realised this morning that God hadn't answered her prayer, I tried to explain that we don't know the workings of God's mind, and that in this case, all of our trees, flowers, and grasses are getting watered. She was quite apeased with that. Of course, a cup of hot chocolate and Sing Along with Disney's Princesses helped!

Today, was the open house for the new location Preschool/Daycare Robynn attends, so we got to walk over. Unfortunately, when we decided to leave, the sky opened up and poured down on us! We were very wet by the time we got to the there - which is only a 3 minute walk away! Robynn is very excited to be starting there. It's a brand new, fresh, clean, and lots of fun! She said that it is even "more beautifuller than the other one!" We are looking forward to a year of fun and friends - and maybe even a little bit of sunshine!?!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome Baby Susanna!

Congratulations to our friends (Uncle) Dustin, (Miss) Lynda, and Joelle!

Baby Susanna Kate (and don't even try telling Robynn that using only "Susanna" is adequate!) arrived this month! Susanna was born on August 2nd in the wee hours of the morning, and we are so happy to welcome her into the world!

Although I had the great honour of meeting Baby Susanna Kate only a couple of hours after she was born, Robynn patiently (?) waited until Susanna's 3 week birthday before their first greeting. Joelle, Robynn, and Susanna make a beautiful trio, and we all can't wait to see her again soon!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tulameen '08

Nearly every year the Reid's (yup, all of them!) try to go up to Tulameen for a weekend in August. Usually the weather is iffy, but we always manage to have some fun. This year, with so many kids: Nathan, Geena, Robynn, Grace, Abby, and Baby Isabelle, having an awesome time was a given!

Of course we have to go to the beach - even though it is glaicer fed!!! Who's crazy enough to go swimming? Well, that would be the kids, my husband, and his older brother Greg. The sane ones stayed dry this year. Of course, we sisters-in-law had to forego our annual moonlight skinny dip, because Rachel gave birth to Isabelle only a couple of weeks earlier, and she's not supposed to go into lake water that soon after - but Jodi and I didn't complain...

This year, Robynn's bike was a hit! I hear Grace will be needing one of these contraptions when her birthday comes in October... But Robynn kindly (with a little prodding) shared her bike and helmet with Grace, and the girls with Abby and Uncle Russ made rode or ran back and forth in front of the cabin giggling and having a blast.

I'm sure one of the highlights of this weekend was getting to spend some time with our newest Reid, Baby Isabelle. We didn't really have to worry about who should hold her next, as there was always a line up, and Robynn tried very hard to be at the head of the line up every time! Thank you Isabelle for being so cooperative!

Until next August...