Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tulameen '08

Nearly every year the Reid's (yup, all of them!) try to go up to Tulameen for a weekend in August. Usually the weather is iffy, but we always manage to have some fun. This year, with so many kids: Nathan, Geena, Robynn, Grace, Abby, and Baby Isabelle, having an awesome time was a given!

Of course we have to go to the beach - even though it is glaicer fed!!! Who's crazy enough to go swimming? Well, that would be the kids, my husband, and his older brother Greg. The sane ones stayed dry this year. Of course, we sisters-in-law had to forego our annual moonlight skinny dip, because Rachel gave birth to Isabelle only a couple of weeks earlier, and she's not supposed to go into lake water that soon after - but Jodi and I didn't complain...

This year, Robynn's bike was a hit! I hear Grace will be needing one of these contraptions when her birthday comes in October... But Robynn kindly (with a little prodding) shared her bike and helmet with Grace, and the girls with Abby and Uncle Russ made rode or ran back and forth in front of the cabin giggling and having a blast.

I'm sure one of the highlights of this weekend was getting to spend some time with our newest Reid, Baby Isabelle. We didn't really have to worry about who should hold her next, as there was always a line up, and Robynn tried very hard to be at the head of the line up every time! Thank you Isabelle for being so cooperative!

Until next August...