Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Love My BED!

Well, the girls and I are home from our week long trip visiting relatives in Alberta. We had a very good time showing off Natasha and reconnecting with family. My Dad and I took a lot of pictures and video (only 600 or so pictures - really that's down from the 1000+ we took the week I brought Robynn to AB! - Ah, the second child, so neglected...). I promise to get started posting some of pictures and video as soon as I get a little more than five minutes to myself.

As for the bed, well, what can I say: it's so nice to sleep in your own bed. And I know that BOTH of my girls agree with me! Robynn was ecstatic to be back in her room, and Natasha has been sleeping 4+ hours each night since we got back. Natasha sleeps in a co-sleeper borrowed from her best friend Susanna, and she loves it. Last night she slept SIX hours straight! I love her!!!!

I'm guessing that part of the reason why Natasha is able to sleep so well is because she now weighs 13.3 lbs! That's my girl!

Sweet dreams zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, January 12, 2009

Who is this?

Well, I know that the resemblance is uncanny, but some of you may not. So here is a shot of Robynn from her first week - yup, September, 2004. Except for the hair and cheeks (Natasha has more of both), these two are sisters for sure !

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No babies were damaged in this photo shoot...

Well, before Natasha was born, Lynda and I had Blessing (Natasha) betrothed to Susanna. When I phoned Lynda up to tell her about Natasha's birth, I said that I had some bad news - Susanna can't marry my daughter! Oh well, no wedding, but we do have best friends in the works.

Tuesday night, because both Lynda and I are taking our girls out of the province or country to visit family in January, we - older - best friends needed to get together. When Natasha and I arrived, Susanna was having some air time, and she was just so adorable that I had to put Natasha down, naked of course, with her. Unfortunately, Natasha needed to be fed before her play time, so Susanna was pretty well done by the time Natasha was ready. Then, when Natasha started to cry, Susanna couldn't handle the thought of her best friend in anguish, so she had to cry too. Lynda took some video (check out her blog here), and I took some photos. The girls were lamenting the state of our world, and Lynda and were having a hoot watching them! When you look at these pictures, just imagine two Mums cracking up with laughter in the background between filming and picture taking.

Best Bud's in the making...

Look at that drool! Susanna was using Natasha's elbow as a soother - which is okay because, Natasha got her back later...

Okay, it's a butt shot, but aren't they too cute!!!!!

Natasha hasn't mastered the art of head lifting quite yet and was just a little frustrated at the process

Whenever Natasha would cry, Susanna would cry for her. Then Natasha would stop crying to hear Susanna, which would quiet down Susanna, then Natasha would start to cry and begin the whole process over again. It was quite humerous!

Susanna is a superstar flyer, and Natasha likes to swim (arms and legs a flailing).

Tipsy Cat wasn't sure what to do with yet another of these creatures in his home.

Natasha got to see what a soother is like when her Mommy popped Susanna's soother into her mouth. She took to it like a fish to water. Scared me a lot! I'm all about the photo op, and soothers make poor photos! Oh well, this one is kinda cute.

DR Photo Shoot

Okay, so I'm not a professional, but I do have a large piece of black fabric that I just love to pull out for my amateur photo shoots.

Robynn started back at preschool on Tuesday, so Natasha and I had some time together. I subjected her to yet another, but certainly not the last, photo shoot. Since she was half naked for much of the time (my favourite kind of baby!), I took the opportunity to have some skin to skin time with her after the pictures were done. Newborn babies have the BEST skin, and breastfeeding your baby like that is divine.

Oh, speaking of breastfeeding - Robynn has become quite enthralled with the whole process, and asked yesterday at dinner: "Mum, how does everything inside you, except the spicy stuff, make milk?" Robynn is very concerned that I not make my milk spicy for Natasha (with all of the spicy food I eat). Pretty cool question I think. Not that Russ or I really knew the correct response... I'll have to get a book!

Enjoy the pictures...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Natasha too

Newborns are cute and cuddly, but they don't do much... I feel kind of badly that most of my blog entries are about Robynn! Even Christmas seemed to be all about Robynn. I think Natasha is already getting the short end of the stick as far as that goes. You know, December birthday and all... Jess, you understand.

So, here are some random shots of Natasha being, well, cute and cuddly!

Natasha has found her thumb! It's a nice little soothing device.

Doing her "Godfather" impersonation.

Just too cute!!!

Relaxing in the co-sleeper her best friend, Susanna, loaned her.

Newborns are so pliable... She still has bruising from birth in this shot.

A Polly Christmas

It really was a Polly Pocket Christmas at the Reid house this year. Actually, it wasn't really even Christmas, but it was this year!?!

Auntie Jessica came over to spoil Robynn on New Year's Day. Both Russell's and my eyes must have been bugging out as we watched Robynn open Polly present after Polly present. The most crazy one being THE POLLY POCKET CRUISE SHIP! I had to ask if there was a theme (other than Polly), like maybe Jess had purchased the family tickets on a real cruise ship??? I was dreaming apparently.

Daddy put the ship together, but left Auntie Jess and Robynn to arrange the 65 accessories!

This might be fun after all...

On Saturday, Grandma & Grandpa Downstairs came over to continue the spoilage... Really, Robynn got A LOT! Crazy town! Robynn couldn't believe all of the presents coming in for her!

By far the hit of the day was the crazy-light-up-puff-ball.

And more Polly Pocket toys... You know, each Polly comes with at least three pairs of shoes! Even the ones at the "ultimate sleepover!" Who would have guessed that PJs require strappy sandals...

Auntie Vivian made Robynn this beautiful blanket to match her room. Robynn loves it!

Well, Christmas still isn't over here - even though we're clearly into 2009. We still need to get together with Russell's brothers and their families to exchange prezzies. Hmm, this reminds me of a certain little girl's 4th birthday!

Happy New Year everyone!

Hard at Work

Natasha is a little fussy in the evenings, and she really likes to be held. This doesn't allow one of us to get a whole lot of work done, so we trade off. But Russ has found one handed typing not too difficult! These pictures are of Russ working on the NorthRidge laptop inputting songs and sermons...

Bath Time

I really wanted to sleep a little bit last night - after not having much sleep at all the night previous - but Natasha was in a heavy sleep, and it was only early evening! What's a girl to do? Wake the sleeping newborn or go a second night without sleep.Well, call me crazy (many have!) - I woke the newborn.
Robynn was having a bath, and has previously requested that Natasha have a bath with her, so I let the girls have a bath together. You see, Natasha just loves bath time! Maybe because she was born into water; maybe because its soothing and warm; maybe because, this time, she had entertainment!

Enjoy the pictures; I couldn't choose just one!

Friday, January 2, 2009

More MK photos

We had our newborn photo shoot with Matt Kennedy this past Monday evening, and he's just sent me the link to view the photos.

Go to his website on the clients page. The password is natasha.