Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No babies were damaged in this photo shoot...

Well, before Natasha was born, Lynda and I had Blessing (Natasha) betrothed to Susanna. When I phoned Lynda up to tell her about Natasha's birth, I said that I had some bad news - Susanna can't marry my daughter! Oh well, no wedding, but we do have best friends in the works.

Tuesday night, because both Lynda and I are taking our girls out of the province or country to visit family in January, we - older - best friends needed to get together. When Natasha and I arrived, Susanna was having some air time, and she was just so adorable that I had to put Natasha down, naked of course, with her. Unfortunately, Natasha needed to be fed before her play time, so Susanna was pretty well done by the time Natasha was ready. Then, when Natasha started to cry, Susanna couldn't handle the thought of her best friend in anguish, so she had to cry too. Lynda took some video (check out her blog here), and I took some photos. The girls were lamenting the state of our world, and Lynda and were having a hoot watching them! When you look at these pictures, just imagine two Mums cracking up with laughter in the background between filming and picture taking.

Best Bud's in the making...

Look at that drool! Susanna was using Natasha's elbow as a soother - which is okay because, Natasha got her back later...

Okay, it's a butt shot, but aren't they too cute!!!!!

Natasha hasn't mastered the art of head lifting quite yet and was just a little frustrated at the process

Whenever Natasha would cry, Susanna would cry for her. Then Natasha would stop crying to hear Susanna, which would quiet down Susanna, then Natasha would start to cry and begin the whole process over again. It was quite humerous!

Susanna is a superstar flyer, and Natasha likes to swim (arms and legs a flailing).

Tipsy Cat wasn't sure what to do with yet another of these creatures in his home.

Natasha got to see what a soother is like when her Mommy popped Susanna's soother into her mouth. She took to it like a fish to water. Scared me a lot! I'm all about the photo op, and soothers make poor photos! Oh well, this one is kinda cute.


Erin said...

Soothers aren't that bad... you can always pull them out, snap a pic, and pop them back in!