Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DR Photo Shoot

Okay, so I'm not a professional, but I do have a large piece of black fabric that I just love to pull out for my amateur photo shoots.

Robynn started back at preschool on Tuesday, so Natasha and I had some time together. I subjected her to yet another, but certainly not the last, photo shoot. Since she was half naked for much of the time (my favourite kind of baby!), I took the opportunity to have some skin to skin time with her after the pictures were done. Newborn babies have the BEST skin, and breastfeeding your baby like that is divine.

Oh, speaking of breastfeeding - Robynn has become quite enthralled with the whole process, and asked yesterday at dinner: "Mum, how does everything inside you, except the spicy stuff, make milk?" Robynn is very concerned that I not make my milk spicy for Natasha (with all of the spicy food I eat). Pretty cool question I think. Not that Russ or I really knew the correct response... I'll have to get a book!

Enjoy the pictures...