Monday, June 22, 2009

Don’t Cut that Tag!!!

All toys come with at least one little tag flippin’ and flappin’ out the back. Well, parents, I’m here to tell you not to cut that tag.

I noticed, when Robynn was an infant, that the tags on all of her toys were very crunchy. Well, Natasha is crunch-i-fying all of her toy’s tags as well.

Oh… look, a tag!


Let’s see if it’s lick-able.



You know, I just might be able to get the whole tag into my mouth!


Mmmm, tasty…


Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!


I’m sold!!!


Maybe we shouldn’t bother with expensive toys; just make sure the toy has a tag, and we’ll be set!

Look Ma! No Training Wheels!

Robynn is a pro! She has mastered the art of two wheelin’ fun – and she loves it.

Russ is on his roller blades – that’s how he keeps up with Robynn now!

Double or Nothin’

Okay, “They” say that babies should double their birth weight by 6 months, and Natasha has surpassed that milestone. Last Thursday I took her to the Health Nurse and had her weighted and measured: 22.9 lbs & 28 inches long!!!

Other milestones to tick off:

  • teeth
  • rolling over – Dr. Mason said she might not because of her size, but she can roll from front to back now! (I'll try to get that on video)
  • eating solid foods (with a vengeance)
  • vocalizations
  • sleeping longer periods through the night – NOT!!! I think she's getting more teeth - Natasha is up 3 - 4 times every night
  • sitting up (a little wobbly) for short periods of time…

Here is a video of Natasha sitting – I’m playing hide and seek with her:

I would like it noted that Natasha is wearing a very lovely outfit purchased, originally, for Robynn by their Auntie Terry. Here is a picture of Robynn wearing the same outfit in May 2006 – yes, your math is correct: Robynn would have been 20 months old. Yes, Natasha is wearing the same outfit at 6 months old. Fits the same, I might add…

Playing at the train station (19)

They” also say that babies should triple their birth weight by 1 year… Oh my goodness!

Pitt Meadows Day

We are so happy with our move from PoCo to Pitt Meadows.  We live in a wonderful neighbourhood nestled in a fabulous city.  The city of Pitt Meadows is not too small, not too large, but just right!

Every year, on the first Saturday in June, Pitt Meadows hosts a parade through the city and fun activity day at Harris Road Park.  Apparently, Pitt Meadows Day has been celebrated since the Great Depression!

Here are some shots of the fun we Reids had at this year's day:



Natasha has her own version of Elvis’s sneer!


Being too young to go on the rides, Natasha had to use her Daddy for entertainment.  Watch that shiner!



The Hawk Gets Trimmed

On Natasha’s 6 month birthday, June 12, I decided to give her a trim.  The little uneven hairs coming over her ears and down the back of her neck were a little unruly, but truly, the real reason for the trim is that her little faux-hawk was getting too long to stand up anymore!








Okay, I also wanted to get rid of the horrible dye job Natasha had going… She has light brown hair and there were dark brown, almost black, tips – like her hair was dipped in hair dye!  But alas, I couldn’t bring my self to rid her of her hilarious rear comb-over!



Saturday, June 20, 2009

My first Teeth!

Yeah, I know, it’s supposed to be tooth, but Natasha got her first two teeth almost at the same time. They were pushing through for a week or so, then on the evening of May 15 her bottom front tooth popped out and her other bottom front tooth popped out the next morning. (Yes, I’m behind on my blogging again!).

Here’s a more recent picture where you can see both of these fancy white teeth!


Lunch with Friends

Robynn, Natasha and I joined Lynda, Joelle, and Susanna for lunch at our dear friend Erin’s home.  It was a Pro-D day, so Miss Erin didn’t have to worry about picking up Josh from school – and he even got to join in some screaming fun!  Why is it that girls need to scream?

Natasha and Susanna acquaint themselves with the newest addition to the Caldwell family: Millie!


What a good looking bunch of kids!


Now that Natasha’s into this food thing,

she has to try out all kinds of new high chairs.


Beautiful Miss Lynda and her adorable Susanna.


What a Wonderful Neighbourhood

We are so blessed! We are truly happy for where we live. There are many great families and so many little friends for Robynn to play with – and for Natasha to watch!!! We can’t wait until the other little babies in the neighbourhood grow and are able to play with Natasha – under the guidance of big sister of course!

Natasha loves to sit out and enjoy her sister and friends playing all around her.


Maddie, Julia, and Robynn take a spin in a convertible

– hey, they have their seat belts on!


Dylan put up the hammock, and the whole neighbourhood descended! Robynn loves playing with Evan and Ava – their new little sister Alexa is too small to play just yet!


Ava and Robynn show off their summer legs and feet.


Having fun with Ava and Lynn.


Grandma Downstairs

We used to live with my in-laws.  We lived in the suite on the main floor, and they lived in the suite downstairs.  Robynn was born upstairs (literally), and so her paternal grandparents were always downstairs.  Thus, they were named, by Robynn, Grandma & Grandpa Downstairs.


Grandma Downstairs visits most every week.  She likes to pick Robynn up from preschool, have lunch with us girls, and then she gets to spend some quality play time with Robynn.  Robynn absolutely loves her Grandma Downstairs!  She has so much fun colouring and reading with her Grandma – sometimes the two of them even go for a walk around the neighbourhood.  On the last of such walks, Robynn took our new little pink camera with her!



Monday, June 15, 2009

Natasha Eats…

… okay, I know that isn’t really surprising, but now she’s eating solid food too! At 5 1/2 months, Natasha had her first helping of organic brown rice cereal – mixed with Mum’s milk of course – and she is really enjoying all of the food that keeps coming her way… All, that is, except for apple sauce – good thing her buddy Susanna will keep the apple industry going! So far, Natasha has had all of the baby cereals – she now up-graded to the mixed cereal – apple sauce, banana, avocado, prunes and apricots, and sweet potato. Yummmmm

Natasha’s first try at solid food.

The aftermath was, as to be expected, a little messy.

Russ had to get the high chair out of storage, and Natasha thought it was quite fun to sit in this chair and be eye level with the rest of the family at meal times.

Natasha really likes to be one with her food. I’ve found that if she gets to participate in the event, she eats better. Of course, sometimes, she participates a little to eagerly and gets prunes up her nose!



Golden Ears Bridge

This past Sunday, June 14, the Golden Ears Bridge opened to the public. Not to cars (or bikes, or dogs, or …) – actually, it closed for a little while, because there were SO many PEOPLE on the bridge!

Luckily, a little birdie told us to wait for a bit, so we had a leisurely lunch with our good friends the Caldwells, then made our way to the bridge. A fabulous time was had by all, just look at the smiles!

Best buds!




Josh doesn’t like pictures, but he smiled here!


It was a little crowded!


What a gorgeous bridge. Here are the golden eagles.


A view of our neighbourhood

(you could only see the roofs of our townhouses).

But here are the piers we walk on along the Fraser.




Super Daddies!


Robynn got the chance to “cut the ribbon” for opening day of the bridge.


Robynn’s sticker said “I cut the ribbon!” We should have gotten Natasha a sticker that said “I slept across the bridge!” Natasha had an amazing nap for the whole time we were on the bridge – she fell asleep minutes before we began the walk onto the on-ramp, and she woke up when we got back to the bike pick up station off of the bridge. This picture is kinda cool, because it is a picture of Natasha in the Chariot – the side window is reflecting my hands, so I’m superimposed onto Natasha.


What a fun day!