Monday, June 15, 2009

Natasha Eats…

… okay, I know that isn’t really surprising, but now she’s eating solid food too! At 5 1/2 months, Natasha had her first helping of organic brown rice cereal – mixed with Mum’s milk of course – and she is really enjoying all of the food that keeps coming her way… All, that is, except for apple sauce – good thing her buddy Susanna will keep the apple industry going! So far, Natasha has had all of the baby cereals – she now up-graded to the mixed cereal – apple sauce, banana, avocado, prunes and apricots, and sweet potato. Yummmmm

Natasha’s first try at solid food.

The aftermath was, as to be expected, a little messy.

Russ had to get the high chair out of storage, and Natasha thought it was quite fun to sit in this chair and be eye level with the rest of the family at meal times.

Natasha really likes to be one with her food. I’ve found that if she gets to participate in the event, she eats better. Of course, sometimes, she participates a little to eagerly and gets prunes up her nose!




Lewis family said...

Yeay for solid food, Natasha! You sure look like you are enjoying this new, exciting experience!!! Lucky for you, your mama is such an amazing cook!!!

Susanna is wondering what you have against applesauce! *grin*

Looks like someone has had some of her hairs trimmed, too!

= )

Lewis family said...

Joelle loves the video! Wow, Natasha really took to eating so well - on the FIRST try!

How did you manage to video while feeding her? You're amazing!