Monday, June 22, 2009

Double or Nothin’

Okay, “They” say that babies should double their birth weight by 6 months, and Natasha has surpassed that milestone. Last Thursday I took her to the Health Nurse and had her weighted and measured: 22.9 lbs & 28 inches long!!!

Other milestones to tick off:

  • teeth
  • rolling over – Dr. Mason said she might not because of her size, but she can roll from front to back now! (I'll try to get that on video)
  • eating solid foods (with a vengeance)
  • vocalizations
  • sleeping longer periods through the night – NOT!!! I think she's getting more teeth - Natasha is up 3 - 4 times every night
  • sitting up (a little wobbly) for short periods of time…

Here is a video of Natasha sitting – I’m playing hide and seek with her:

I would like it noted that Natasha is wearing a very lovely outfit purchased, originally, for Robynn by their Auntie Terry. Here is a picture of Robynn wearing the same outfit in May 2006 – yes, your math is correct: Robynn would have been 20 months old. Yes, Natasha is wearing the same outfit at 6 months old. Fits the same, I might add…

Playing at the train station (19)

They” also say that babies should triple their birth weight by 1 year… Oh my goodness!


Lewis family said...

Wow - 6 months & 20 months

It's a super cute outfit!

Love watching Natasha follow you!!!

= )