Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lunch with Friends

Robynn, Natasha and I joined Lynda, Joelle, and Susanna for lunch at our dear friend Erin’s home.  It was a Pro-D day, so Miss Erin didn’t have to worry about picking up Josh from school – and he even got to join in some screaming fun!  Why is it that girls need to scream?

Natasha and Susanna acquaint themselves with the newest addition to the Caldwell family: Millie!


What a good looking bunch of kids!


Now that Natasha’s into this food thing,

she has to try out all kinds of new high chairs.


Beautiful Miss Lynda and her adorable Susanna.



Lewis family said...

Thanks, Miss Erin & Miss Darcey for the date! We always love, love, love to spend time with you two and your amazing children!!!

Lewis family said...

Okay, that photo of Millie Twinkletoes sniffing Natasha and Susanna watching is very precious. Natasha's face is a wee-bit curious. *grin*