Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a Wonderful Neighbourhood

We are so blessed! We are truly happy for where we live. There are many great families and so many little friends for Robynn to play with – and for Natasha to watch!!! We can’t wait until the other little babies in the neighbourhood grow and are able to play with Natasha – under the guidance of big sister of course!

Natasha loves to sit out and enjoy her sister and friends playing all around her.


Maddie, Julia, and Robynn take a spin in a convertible

– hey, they have their seat belts on!


Dylan put up the hammock, and the whole neighbourhood descended! Robynn loves playing with Evan and Ava – their new little sister Alexa is too small to play just yet!


Ava and Robynn show off their summer legs and feet.


Having fun with Ava and Lynn.



Lewis family said...

GREAT photos! The last one with Robynnator laughing is TOO precious!

Okay, and the convertible one...gotta love it!