Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grandma Downstairs

We used to live with my in-laws.  We lived in the suite on the main floor, and they lived in the suite downstairs.  Robynn was born upstairs (literally), and so her paternal grandparents were always downstairs.  Thus, they were named, by Robynn, Grandma & Grandpa Downstairs.


Grandma Downstairs visits most every week.  She likes to pick Robynn up from preschool, have lunch with us girls, and then she gets to spend some quality play time with Robynn.  Robynn absolutely loves her Grandma Downstairs!  She has so much fun colouring and reading with her Grandma – sometimes the two of them even go for a walk around the neighbourhood.  On the last of such walks, Robynn took our new little pink camera with her!




Lewis family said...

What a beautiful post...I think that picture of Robynn & Grandma Downstairs walking is quite precious. Yeay for grandmas!!!!!