Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Busy Summer

Well, so far, we've completed 3 of our 6 planned camping/sailing trips. We have the 4th this weekend with the rest of the Reid clan up in Tulameen, then we're (the girls and I) off to AB to visit my Dad, then wen we get back, we head off to the Okanagan again for a week in Penticton!

Robynn is in swimming every morning and VBS every evening this week. PHEW!

I haven't had much time to catch my breath let alone blog about it... so I'll have to do a marathon blog entry session after we get back in the middle of August and share all of the pictures I've taken thus far.

Happy Hot Days!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Olivia Mae Randi

Our good friends Debbie and Dario welcomed their first little baby, Olivia Mae, into the world this past March 6.  She only weighed 7.9 lbs!  I never met either of kids when they were that small!!!

Unfortunately, busyness and illnesses kept us from seeing too much of her, but Olivia and Mom came over this past week for a lovely lunch visit.  I told Robynn that Natasha had a playdate scheduled – she was a little jealous!  When she found out who was coming, she was excited, but she didn’t realize that Dario wouldn’t be coming too!  Robynn loves Dario – we’ll have to have him over for Robynn’s next playdate!

Olivia looks just like her Dad, but had got the gorgeous of her Mom, and we just loved having her over for a visit.

Can you believe that there is only

3 months between Olivia and Natasha!!!




Wonderful Women

To celebrate a special woman – Bindy! – a few ladies got together to get pampered at the Pure Nail Bar in Port Moody.  What an awesome group of women – I’m so glad to call them my friends!


Grandpa Boat’s Boat

Robynn adores her G-pa Boat. I think the feeling is mutual. But that he lives in Calgary is a little sad for Robynn (again, I think the feeling is mutual). The other day, I was upstairs changing and feeding Natasha, but before I’d gone, I set Robynn up with her paint things. This is what I came back to:


Kinderheart Grad

Robynn spent this last year at Kinderheart Montessori.  She really liked it – she had excellent teachers and made some great friends.  Here is Robynn at her preschool grad.  I have to say, she looks smashing in red!





Robynn absolutely LOVES Payton!  Unfortunately, the girls are heading to different elementary schools, but hopefully, we can get them together for some playtime.




Sailing… On Water No Less…

Well, the girls and I made the trek back to West Van – did I mention that it was 66 km! No, the boat wasn’t quite ready – more like the boys weren’t quite ready. But after an hour or so we were finally off!

We headed off through a passage between the Islands of the Sunshine Coast and ended up docking at Plumper Cove on Keats Island. What a gorgeous space!

For you land-lubbers, sailing is really just having fun on the boat for a couple of hours (the sailing part), but a lot of Sailing is just like camping – although the trailer (sailboat) is REALLY small! After you dock or moor, you explore your surroundings. That’s the fun part for me…

Living quarters are a wee bit tight…


We ran into other sailors with children, and they needed to explore each others’ boats.


Cuddles with Gpa Boat


Robynn sleeping on the quarter berth.



Natasha and I in the main berth.


Exploring the island (Plumper Cove is on Keat’s Island).


Looking out to Gibsons


Lots of muscles! Hmm, do mussles have muscles?



A group shot!


Daddy caught a crab with really big pincers!



We tried a different bed for Natasha’s nap – that didn’t last long…


My rocket super hero shining star!



Robynn manning the tiller.


Robynn and I spent some time at the bow taking in the scenery:


Planning our 2015 sailing trip!

We made it back to Sunset Marina!


Dad took off back for Plumper Cove. He sailed around for a couple of weeks waiting for Heather to arrive. Then they sailed with his Calgary sailing group for a bit, and then Dad and SMUM(story in the next part) came to our place for a drier visit.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of our Sailing adventure…

Not a Regular Occurrence

  1. Natasha fell asleep.
  2. Natasha fell asleep on Daddy.
  3. Natasha transferred AND stayed asleep on Mommy.
  4. Russ took a picture.
  5. It turned out!


A Walk on the Wild Side

Okay, it was just a bridge over troubled water…  Hmm, I have too many songs in my head!

One of my bestest friends in the world came over with her lovely daughters, and we 6 gorgeous girls went for a walk to the McDonalds in Langley for some ice cream.

The reason I say “wild side” is because Joelle and Robynn were a little too close to the edge for Lynda’s comfort.  Made me chuckle – hey, aren’t I the one who’s supposed to have OCD???



Apparently, bridges are very dirty – their faces were so black!


I love the wind blown look.


A New Kiddie Pool for the Little Kiddie

We bought Natasha a little pool to help her cool off on these hot summer days.  It was a riot!  Natasha is quite stable sitting on her own – she does fall now and then, but in the water, on the puffy bottom, she just couldn’t keep her balance.  So, we turned pool time into bath time.  Which is just as well, because this suit doesn’t really fit her.  No suit does!!!  I had 3 suits from before Robynn turned 1 and 1 that I bought especially for Natasha.  You would think that one of them would fit her!  No way…



After the impromptu bath time, Natasha received her second hair cut (sorry no pictures), but I did get rid of her comb over in the back.  She looks adorable!

Canada Day – Downtown Style

This past Canada Day, the Reid’s packed up Milo for the trek across 4 bridges and under 1 tunnel!  Quite a trip you’d think, but this new bridge cut off over 30 minutes from our drive!  I love it!

We visited Auntie Jessica, and used her spacious downtown apartment as a home base for the day (okay, what little space was there, definitely got overtaken by all the Reid gear!).  After exploding in her apartment, we went for a walk to the park on the water for a picnic:





Jess and I headed off for some girly time before her shift at work, while Russ had the other girls and some quiet time at Jess’s place.  Robynn was a little upset when I didn’t bring Jess back with me, so we hiked up to Urban Fare, gave hugs and picked up dinner (bet ya didn’t know they sold hugs!), then we were off to the parade!

Robynn had to go to the bathroom minutes before the parade began (of course), so Natasha and I had some alone time together with the other few thousand people downtown for the parade…  But I did give her a treat!  Her first Baby Mum Mum!


{a side note: I did a search for the Mum Mum site to link here, and I found several stories on recall, choking, and one infant death in Regina because of Mum Mums.  Because of this death, Mum Mum labels now state appropriate for 12 months.  The reason the child died was because the Mum Mum gelled up in her throat – I know this is depressing for my Blog, but I want other Moms to know about what I read – please check it out for yourselves, and really watch your babies when you feed them finger foods.}


The parade was awesome!  Natasha loved all of the music and colour.  Robynn loved all of the dancers – we even got to see Auntie Jessica’s friends dancing.








We didn’t end up staying downtown for the fireworks this year – Natasha really, really doesn’t like sleeping anywhere but her own bed!!!  But overall, it was an awesome day together.

Happy Birthday Canada!