Friday, July 3, 2009

Sailing… Part Deux

Dad took off early – okay, he tried to take off early, but he had a few delays…  I heard once that owning a sailboat was like just throwing hundred dollar bills into the ocean.  Well, my Dad is fairly handy, and he has a tool box and a bunch of supplies aboard.  He was able to fix his troubles without any hundred dollar bills being thrown around (who has those anyway!), then he was off.  We were to meet him at Sunset Marina in West Vancouver in the early evening  - for those of you who are in the know, that would be around 5 pm :)

But I was driving, and I missed the sign and went a little too far.  About 25 km too far.  So we stopped, Natasha had a snack and a change, we stretched our feet and took in the scenery – and of course, snapped a few shots:




When we finally made it to the marina, Dad was in need of a couple extra hands to finish getting the boat in the water… difficult work you know:



Fast forward a few hours… the boat isn’t in the water yet, the girls and I are tired, hungry and cranky.  So, at around 10 pm we three girls took off for the 66 km trek back home.  We stopped off at the McDonalds for some dinner – I had a fish burger for the first time in about 17 years – I don’t think I need to have another one for at least as long again…

Natasha fell asleep in the car before we’d left the parking lot, but woke up when we were three blocks from home – just two blocks after Robynn had fallen asleep in the car! 

Ahhh road trips…  Hey, wasn’t this supposed to be a sailing vacation???  Stay tuned for part three!