Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Olivia Mae Randi

Our good friends Debbie and Dario welcomed their first little baby, Olivia Mae, into the world this past March 6.  She only weighed 7.9 lbs!  I never met either of kids when they were that small!!!

Unfortunately, busyness and illnesses kept us from seeing too much of her, but Olivia and Mom came over this past week for a lovely lunch visit.  I told Robynn that Natasha had a playdate scheduled – she was a little jealous!  When she found out who was coming, she was excited, but she didn’t realize that Dario wouldn’t be coming too!  Robynn loves Dario – we’ll have to have him over for Robynn’s next playdate!

Olivia looks just like her Dad, but had got the gorgeous of her Mom, and we just loved having her over for a visit.

Can you believe that there is only

3 months between Olivia and Natasha!!!





Lewis family said...

Beautiful girls!

And my daughter is 4 months older than Natasha and looks about the same next to her as Olivia does. = )

Natasha's mama has some pretty darned excellent, fortified & yummy milk!!!

Lewis family said...

Oh, and you know what the caption on the last photo with Robynn should read?

"Mummy, I think we need some more babies around here!!! Look what a natural I am!"