Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Busy Summer

Well, so far, we've completed 3 of our 6 planned camping/sailing trips. We have the 4th this weekend with the rest of the Reid clan up in Tulameen, then we're (the girls and I) off to AB to visit my Dad, then wen we get back, we head off to the Okanagan again for a week in Penticton!

Robynn is in swimming every morning and VBS every evening this week. PHEW!

I haven't had much time to catch my breath let alone blog about it... so I'll have to do a marathon blog entry session after we get back in the middle of August and share all of the pictures I've taken thus far.

Happy Hot Days!


Lewis family said...

Yippee for an exciting & fun-filled summer! Looking forward to checking our your pics and stories in a few weeks!