Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Play Ball

My brother, Brian, called us up the other day, and invited us to come watch him play softball on the field just up from our house.  So, I strapped the girls in the Chariot, and we were off.  Robynn was so excited to see her Uncle! 

Before the game, Brian and Robynn warmed up, while Natasha had a little snack!

Auntie Tierny fed Natasha.


Playin’ ball… kind of…


I think Brian caught himself a Robynn-A-Tor


At first, Robynn was  a little afraid of the glove.



Didn’t you know that you need to jump when you throw a softball?


But by far the BEST was when we had to leave (these games go far past a little girl’s bedtime), Brian’s team was in the field – Brian plays short stop – and I told Robynn to wave goodbye to her Uncle.  She started to cry, because she wanted a hug.  So one of the players called a time out for a hug!  Oh, my heart swells…

We can’t wait to go to another of Uncle Brian’s games!