Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A New Kiddie Pool for the Little Kiddie

We bought Natasha a little pool to help her cool off on these hot summer days.  It was a riot!  Natasha is quite stable sitting on her own – she does fall now and then, but in the water, on the puffy bottom, she just couldn’t keep her balance.  So, we turned pool time into bath time.  Which is just as well, because this suit doesn’t really fit her.  No suit does!!!  I had 3 suits from before Robynn turned 1 and 1 that I bought especially for Natasha.  You would think that one of them would fit her!  No way…



After the impromptu bath time, Natasha received her second hair cut (sorry no pictures), but I did get rid of her comb over in the back.  She looks adorable!