Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canada Day – Downtown Style

This past Canada Day, the Reid’s packed up Milo for the trek across 4 bridges and under 1 tunnel!  Quite a trip you’d think, but this new bridge cut off over 30 minutes from our drive!  I love it!

We visited Auntie Jessica, and used her spacious downtown apartment as a home base for the day (okay, what little space was there, definitely got overtaken by all the Reid gear!).  After exploding in her apartment, we went for a walk to the park on the water for a picnic:





Jess and I headed off for some girly time before her shift at work, while Russ had the other girls and some quiet time at Jess’s place.  Robynn was a little upset when I didn’t bring Jess back with me, so we hiked up to Urban Fare, gave hugs and picked up dinner (bet ya didn’t know they sold hugs!), then we were off to the parade!

Robynn had to go to the bathroom minutes before the parade began (of course), so Natasha and I had some alone time together with the other few thousand people downtown for the parade…  But I did give her a treat!  Her first Baby Mum Mum!


{a side note: I did a search for the Mum Mum site to link here, and I found several stories on recall, choking, and one infant death in Regina because of Mum Mums.  Because of this death, Mum Mum labels now state appropriate for 12 months.  The reason the child died was because the Mum Mum gelled up in her throat – I know this is depressing for my Blog, but I want other Moms to know about what I read – please check it out for yourselves, and really watch your babies when you feed them finger foods.}


The parade was awesome!  Natasha loved all of the music and colour.  Robynn loved all of the dancers – we even got to see Auntie Jessica’s friends dancing.








We didn’t end up staying downtown for the fireworks this year – Natasha really, really doesn’t like sleeping anywhere but her own bed!!!  But overall, it was an awesome day together.

Happy Birthday Canada!