Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Good Friday

Wow, what an awesome day! We got to celebrate Good Friday - and celebrate we did, with Pastor Rob's sermon - It's Friday, but Sunday's a comin'! That was how we started our day. But as a special treat, we had Miss Lynda, Joelle, and Susanna join us for the service.

After church, Russ and I took the FOUR girls (Miss Lynda had an appointment) to Koko's in Port Moody. Russ and I thought that for our first time being parents to four girls under five, we should enlist the help of a giant indoor gym. Here are some of the videos and photos taken from our fun time there:

Milo the Mazda MPV Minivan was Marvolously Maxed-Out!

Let's not fight about it... Amen!

All of our girls had a blast playing at Kokos!

Natasha is such a happy girl!

Susanna had fun with Mr. Russ.

Best Buddies in the making...

... And Dr. Mason said I might not roll over. Well, I'm going to give it a good try!

One sit-up, I just need to do one sit-up...

The things little girls talk about...

Climbing the Kokos' rock wall.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Alder Acres

The Foresters are a wonderful community group that Russ's parents belong to. They often sponsor family events, and at Easter, they did a family fun day and egg hunt at Alder Acres. Robynn got to spend some great time with family and friends, get enough chocolate to last a family of 4 for a year, and play in the barn with some of the farm animals!

On a hay ride to the Easter Egg hunt - myself, Robynn, and Geena

Hunting for chocolate Easter eggs laid by a bunny rabbit???

Okay, I'm sorry, but their expressions are just priceless! Abby, Robynn, and Sophie.

In the petting barn.

Abby showed me a large piece of hay that she had picked up from the floor of the barn. She wanted to let me know that she was going to clean it up! Oh, this makes me laugh!!!

Cousins - awww

1000 eggs!

2 KM

My daughter is amazing. Scratch that, my daughterS are amazing! But on this day, Robynn particularly "wow-ed" me!

We live exactly 2 kilometers from my Mom, and there is a fairly big hill on the way. Well, Robynn rode her bike the whole way (I only had to carry her bike for a short part of the hill).

It was a beautiful sunshiny day, and I'm so glad we were able to get some exercise and enjoy the sun!

Robynn is saying "No lights," because she has to look for cars in the driveway - and to see if their lights are on (which means she needs to stop and wait for the car to go).

Once Robynn realised she was on the home stretch to Grandma's house, she was gone!!! Natasha and I were hard pressed to keep up with her. Good thing there were no more busy streets!

Wee College Graduation

Robynn's Freshman year came to a close with a wonderful celebration! Grandma and Grandpa Downstairs, Grandma Bark Bark, Auntie Jennifer, Miss Lynda & Joelle came to cheer Robynn on! Of course, Russ, Natasha, and I were there. We needed to man all of the cameras!

Getting her medal, certificate, and memory verses.

Robynn's good friend Lucy finished her Sophomore year - Robynn is now a Sophomore and Lucy is a Senior!!! (We're hoping Joelle will join next year and be a Freshman!). I hope I'm using this terminology correctly??? Robynn, Lucy, and Joelle all got to run around the sanctuary after lunch. I think they were very keen on tormenting Lucy's big brother Joshua. You have to say that "Josh - ooh - ah." I think it's cute the way Robynn says that!!! And, because I'm a Friends fan, it's also the way Rachel called her "Josh - ooh - ah!"

Here is Robynn and her Wee College partner, Fiona, reciting one of the memory verses. The girls recited John 14 2 - 3.

“There are many rooms in my Father's house; if it were not true,
I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.
And if I go and do that, I will come back,
and I will take you with me so you will also be where I am.”

Thursday, April 9, 2009


We purchased Natasha a "new to us" toy (gotta love Craigslist)! She is now the proud bouncing baby-owner of a Fisher Price Jumperoo!

Robynn loves Natasha, and HAD to take some pictures of her in her new toy with the Pink Camera - which is great because, not only is it PINK and waterproof - up to 6 feet - but it's also shock proof, so Robynn can play with it all she wants!

My Canon DSLR - Robynn's doesn't really use this one!

Robynn's shot with the Olympus
She has so much fun getting up close and personal!

Fun video!

She's has the best hair!

Yesterday, since Robynn had a sleepover at my Mom's, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I only had one child for a bit, and I cleaned! It was shortly before Natasha's first nap of the day, and since I didn't want to disturb her by cleaning the bathroom right next to her bedroom, I thought I'd just set her up to watch.

So into the Bumbo chair with some toys she went! She was so adorable, and had such GREAT hair, that I had to go and get my camera. needless to say, I took so long playing with her and taking pictures that she fell asleep right in her chair when I finally did get around to cleaning the bathroom! (I had to take pictures of that too.) She was so tired that she transferred out of her chair to her crib without waking at all.

Change Table Babies

Just like "Big Sister" did when she was a little one, Natasha LOVES being on her change table. It's her half naked or fully naked baby time, tickle time, sit up practice time - what more could a little baby ask for!

Here is Natasha showing off her change table talents. This first video was taken on April 1st and the second one was from April 9th, so she was almost 4 months old.

Now, compare that to this video of Robynn taken on December 9th, 2004 - Robynn's 3 month birthday!


That was the word that our doctor used yesterday to describe Natasha! Oh my goodness!!! But he is very pleased with her overall health and size.

As of yesterday, Natasha is 19 lbs and 26 inches long. She's off the charts! They only go up to the 97th percentile, and she is beyond that. She's hard working...

Speaking of hard working, Dr. Mason was very impressed with Natasha's cheeks. I commented that they were big or chubby or something like that, and he corrected me. He said that they were muscular. That a child with cheeks that muscular would be able to drain a breast in 3 - 5 minutes! That is exactly what she does.

With Robynn, I used to set up the breast pillow, make a cup a tea, maybe a cookie, and read a book while she fed for 20 - 40 minutes. With Natasha, I put her on, then it's practically over - no book, no pillow, no tea...

Robynn, Natasha, and Me!
We're trying on Robynn's new summer hats -
she got three and wanted a picture of all of us,
so we're each wearing one of her new hats!

So there you have it. My (almost) 4 month old child weighs nearly 1/2 what her 4 and a half year old sister weighs! Yup, Natasha is 19 lbs, and Robynn is 40 lbs. Robynn hasn't gained a pound in the past 6 months! She is, however, over the 90th percentile for height. (I'm sorry, I can't remember what she is exactly, but it's over 3 feet.) The doctor is NOT worried about Robynn's lack of weight gain, because she is growing in height. So even though she's such a bird when she eats, she's doing well and thriving. Good to know, cuz, really, the girl doesn't eat!!! Unlike Natasha - ha, ha, ha!

Monday, April 6, 2009

NR Babies

Well, we are told to “go forth and multiply” (Gen. 1:28), and - in our church - we take that very seriously! As a church we are only six months old. Starting the church, we brought many youth, children, and babies - and a few pregnant women! Well, we pregos are not pregnant any longer (although we have some more on the way...), and our beautiful babies were together yesterday meeting each other - welcome Malakai! - and having as much fun as little immobile ones can.

Gotta love the DROOOOOOOOOL!

Natasha, born December 12

Zach, born December 16

Malakai, born March 26 (I'm pretty sure...)

Zach and Natasha pose for the camera - okay, maybe just Zach, but they are cute!