Thursday, April 9, 2009


We purchased Natasha a "new to us" toy (gotta love Craigslist)! She is now the proud bouncing baby-owner of a Fisher Price Jumperoo!

Robynn loves Natasha, and HAD to take some pictures of her in her new toy with the Pink Camera - which is great because, not only is it PINK and waterproof - up to 6 feet - but it's also shock proof, so Robynn can play with it all she wants!

My Canon DSLR - Robynn's doesn't really use this one!

Robynn's shot with the Olympus
She has so much fun getting up close and personal!

Fun video!


Lewis family said...

What fun!!! Yeay for a place to jump and be safe (from doting older sister *grin*)!!!

Go Natasha go!!!