Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Good Friday

Wow, what an awesome day! We got to celebrate Good Friday - and celebrate we did, with Pastor Rob's sermon - It's Friday, but Sunday's a comin'! That was how we started our day. But as a special treat, we had Miss Lynda, Joelle, and Susanna join us for the service.

After church, Russ and I took the FOUR girls (Miss Lynda had an appointment) to Koko's in Port Moody. Russ and I thought that for our first time being parents to four girls under five, we should enlist the help of a giant indoor gym. Here are some of the videos and photos taken from our fun time there:

Milo the Mazda MPV Minivan was Marvolously Maxed-Out!

Let's not fight about it... Amen!

All of our girls had a blast playing at Kokos!

Natasha is such a happy girl!

Susanna had fun with Mr. Russ.

Best Buddies in the making...

... And Dr. Mason said I might not roll over. Well, I'm going to give it a good try!

One sit-up, I just need to do one sit-up...

The things little girls talk about...

Climbing the Kokos' rock wall.


Lewis family said...

And, everyone wants to know how you slept that night! *tee hee hee*

Oh, I am LAUGHING and SMILING and SO enjoying these photos & video! You two are SUPERSTARS!!!

Darcey, you said you had some great photos and WOW! I love the captions, esp Natasha's 'one more sit up'. *grin*

Thanks for treating my little angels to such a special day!!!

Erin said...

Great photos, Darce!
All 4 girls look like they had so much fun!

As for sit ups... well it is a GYM, right?

Lewis family said...

Just (finally) had a chance to show this to Joelle. She quite enjoyed the photos & videos.

Gotta say, that Mr. Russ is quite steady in his video taking - I am most impressed!

What AWESOME photos!!!