Thursday, April 9, 2009


That was the word that our doctor used yesterday to describe Natasha! Oh my goodness!!! But he is very pleased with her overall health and size.

As of yesterday, Natasha is 19 lbs and 26 inches long. She's off the charts! They only go up to the 97th percentile, and she is beyond that. She's hard working...

Speaking of hard working, Dr. Mason was very impressed with Natasha's cheeks. I commented that they were big or chubby or something like that, and he corrected me. He said that they were muscular. That a child with cheeks that muscular would be able to drain a breast in 3 - 5 minutes! That is exactly what she does.

With Robynn, I used to set up the breast pillow, make a cup a tea, maybe a cookie, and read a book while she fed for 20 - 40 minutes. With Natasha, I put her on, then it's practically over - no book, no pillow, no tea...

Robynn, Natasha, and Me!
We're trying on Robynn's new summer hats -
she got three and wanted a picture of all of us,
so we're each wearing one of her new hats!

So there you have it. My (almost) 4 month old child weighs nearly 1/2 what her 4 and a half year old sister weighs! Yup, Natasha is 19 lbs, and Robynn is 40 lbs. Robynn hasn't gained a pound in the past 6 months! She is, however, over the 90th percentile for height. (I'm sorry, I can't remember what she is exactly, but it's over 3 feet.) The doctor is NOT worried about Robynn's lack of weight gain, because she is growing in height. So even though she's such a bird when she eats, she's doing well and thriving. Good to know, cuz, really, the girl doesn't eat!!! Unlike Natasha - ha, ha, ha!


Lewis family said...

May you NEVER tell Natasha that she was described as 'gigantic'...really, no complexes needed for her early on. *grin*

Sounds like an awesome doctor visit - the beeeee-utiful Reid girls are thriving! Yippeeee!

Love that that Robynnator wanted to share them with you all, well, at least for the photo op.

Great update, Darc!!!!!

Eleana said...

Wow, WOW, wow! Grow baby grow! I'm glad to hear that Nathasha is doing so well... she's such a cutie!