Monday, June 22, 2009

Don’t Cut that Tag!!!

All toys come with at least one little tag flippin’ and flappin’ out the back. Well, parents, I’m here to tell you not to cut that tag.

I noticed, when Robynn was an infant, that the tags on all of her toys were very crunchy. Well, Natasha is crunch-i-fying all of her toy’s tags as well.

Oh… look, a tag!


Let’s see if it’s lick-able.



You know, I just might be able to get the whole tag into my mouth!


Mmmm, tasty…


Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!


I’m sold!!!


Maybe we shouldn’t bother with expensive toys; just make sure the toy has a tag, and we’ll be set!


Eleana said...

Those tags are the yummiest and the most fun over ANY toy Brea has. They really should just come up with a toy that has all different kinds of tags on it :o)

Natasha is SO cute in these pictures!

Lewis family said...

These photos are so precious...and your commentary is the best!

I tried to make Joelle a 'tag toy', but it wasn't as amazing - I used ribbon and she just was not impressed.

Susanna has received two gifts called 'Taggies'...she likes them, but really, really, REALLY prefers the tags on other toys!!!