Monday, June 15, 2009

Golden Ears Bridge

This past Sunday, June 14, the Golden Ears Bridge opened to the public. Not to cars (or bikes, or dogs, or …) – actually, it closed for a little while, because there were SO many PEOPLE on the bridge!

Luckily, a little birdie told us to wait for a bit, so we had a leisurely lunch with our good friends the Caldwells, then made our way to the bridge. A fabulous time was had by all, just look at the smiles!

Best buds!




Josh doesn’t like pictures, but he smiled here!


It was a little crowded!


What a gorgeous bridge. Here are the golden eagles.


A view of our neighbourhood

(you could only see the roofs of our townhouses).

But here are the piers we walk on along the Fraser.




Super Daddies!


Robynn got the chance to “cut the ribbon” for opening day of the bridge.


Robynn’s sticker said “I cut the ribbon!” We should have gotten Natasha a sticker that said “I slept across the bridge!” Natasha had an amazing nap for the whole time we were on the bridge – she fell asleep minutes before we began the walk onto the on-ramp, and she woke up when we got back to the bike pick up station off of the bridge. This picture is kinda cool, because it is a picture of Natasha in the Chariot – the side window is reflecting my hands, so I’m superimposed onto Natasha.


What a fun day!



Lewis family said...

AWESOME! I'm so thrilled you all were able to go all the way across! How cool that Robynn was able to 'cut the ribbon', too, on 'her' bridge!!!

BEAUTIFUL family!!!

Lewis family said...

Okay, and upon further photo perusing...I was wondering how you felt about Robynn sitting right at the edge of the bridge looking out? I know it is safe & all...but I nearly had a heart palpitation just seeing the photo! Maybe it was a really good thing we couldn't actually go over the bridge after all. *grin*

Erin said...

Thanks for the fun day together - your pics are great!