Monday, January 5, 2009

A Polly Christmas

It really was a Polly Pocket Christmas at the Reid house this year. Actually, it wasn't really even Christmas, but it was this year!?!

Auntie Jessica came over to spoil Robynn on New Year's Day. Both Russell's and my eyes must have been bugging out as we watched Robynn open Polly present after Polly present. The most crazy one being THE POLLY POCKET CRUISE SHIP! I had to ask if there was a theme (other than Polly), like maybe Jess had purchased the family tickets on a real cruise ship??? I was dreaming apparently.

Daddy put the ship together, but left Auntie Jess and Robynn to arrange the 65 accessories!

This might be fun after all...

On Saturday, Grandma & Grandpa Downstairs came over to continue the spoilage... Really, Robynn got A LOT! Crazy town! Robynn couldn't believe all of the presents coming in for her!

By far the hit of the day was the crazy-light-up-puff-ball.

And more Polly Pocket toys... You know, each Polly comes with at least three pairs of shoes! Even the ones at the "ultimate sleepover!" Who would have guessed that PJs require strappy sandals...

Auntie Vivian made Robynn this beautiful blanket to match her room. Robynn loves it!

Well, Christmas still isn't over here - even though we're clearly into 2009. We still need to get together with Russell's brothers and their families to exchange prezzies. Hmm, this reminds me of a certain little girl's 4th birthday!

Happy New Year everyone!