Thursday, September 18, 2008

Am I 5 yet?

Robynn has been celebrating her fourth birthday for three weeks now - so long that she wondered if she were five yet! Yup, my only child little darling is S-P-O-I-L-E-D!

It started in August when Grandma and Grandpa Downstairs (Russ’s parents) came over to celebrate Robynn’s day (a couple of weeks early), because they were off to Greece for the month of September (I'm not jealous!). We had a lovely time with them: dinner, presents, and cupcakes. Robynn was quietly (?) excited about getting a new bookshelf for her room and loudly excited about her new Kaleidoscope book - that glows in the dark! Perfect for a little girl procrastinating going to sleep at night.

On her birthday there were more cupcakes (see September 9th entry). Cupcakes for preschool, cupcakes for all of our neighbours, leftover cupcakes. Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes... You get it.

On Robynn due date: September 13, we had a family party for her where all of the adult Reid's and alllllll of the little Reid's got together to celebrate. Robynn was so excited to get a big girl watch - she's worn it every day since and loves telling us what time it is (okay what numbers the big and little hands are at); clothes (mostly purple of course); a medical bag - "I've always wanted one of these!" - and a Fancy Nancy book (from which she can already give direct quotations...).

Painting coasters and magnets and getting tattoos was a highlight for all of the girls (including the big girls). But playing outside was probably the hit of the party. We are so blessed to live where we do! It was so much fun to watch all of the children play at the park right outside our front door.

Even Isabelle had fun!

No party is complete without cake (special homemade - 7 cups of raspberries - Raspberry Ice Cream Cake!), and of course, more CUPCAKES! Russ and I stayed up until midnight making that ice cream cake, and Robynn had a cupcake from a box! No gratitude I tell you...

Of course, the festivities didn't come to an end there. But fear not, a few days later, we had yet ANOTHER party for the birth-month girl! Grandma and Grandpa Bark Bark (my parents) had us all over for dinner and Robynn was able to have special homemade mac and cheese, more presents, and of course more cake (no cupcakes this time, but I'm sure she wouldn't have refused!).

Last night, we headed to Purolator to pick a package from Grandpa Boat and GrandSmum (my AB Parents), and Russ put it together while Robynn was asleep. She had asked Grandpa Boat for a scooter for her birthday, and was VERY excited to receive a PINK PRINCESS SCOOTER! After showing it to her this morning, we HAD to go for a ride around the block right away. Michael Jordan has nothing on my daughter. Of course, the Leapster game system that was also in the package (really!?!) is puzzling to the Mother, so we'll have to wait until Daddy gets home to explain that one...

Robynn is still getting birthday acknowledgements in the mail. Miss Jo sent Robynn a lovely card that Robynn was very excited to open this morning! I do see the end to this month of birthday surprises, but you never know what is around the corner. I've never seen a kid so in need of a sibling.


Lewis family said...

Yeay for Robynnator's birthday! No, she CAN'T be 5 yet...because that means kindergarten...and I'm not ready for you to send her to kindergarten yet! (I can only imagine how you feel about it!)

What a glorious celebration! And, what a glorious raspberry ice cream cake! (Thank you for sharing it!)

We love you, Robynnator!!!!!

Erin said...

What a LOVELY scooter!
Spoiled? je ne pense pas!