Sunday, July 27, 2008

Special Siblings

Joelle and Robynn are honorary siblings. Given that their mothers – Lynda and I – are best of friends, the girls have been in each other’s company since birth. And just like siblings, they play together (usually), share their toys (sometimes), and love each other (always).

Lynda is expecting the arrival of Baby Lew, any day now, and Russ and I offered to have Joelle spend a night. We wanted Lynda and Dustin to have a little time alone, as it’s not likely to happen for some time to come, and we wanted Joelle to feel comfortable staying with us for a night on the chance that she may be doing so in the future when her brother or sister arrives.

One of Joelle and Robynn’s favourite songs, Wish for a Fish by Bobs & Lolo, is about the “great white sturgeon of the mighty Fraser River.” Since we live so close to the Fraser, we took Joelle for a walk to see if we could spot one of these “prehistoric fish.” No fish, but we did jump and clap a lot!

The girls each took a dolly on our walk, and had a blast racing them on the pier near our home. And the big grassy area was a great place to run around, chase, and be chased by Russ.

Joelle brought along a great book called Prince William, and Russ had cuddle time with the girls while reading and doing Bible devotionals.

Two is definitely a handful, as both Lynda and I are looking forward to discovering, but oh so rewarding.


Lewis family said...

Oh what a fun time Joelley is obviously having! GREAT photos! Too bad the 'great white sturgeon' evaded you...but I'll bet the search for one was pretty fun!
Thank you for the gift of a peaceful night. It sure is quiet at our home!

AWESOME photos! I can't wait to hear all about it from Joelle!

Lewis family said...

I LOVE that you were sure we had the last photo taken! What an awesome memory to have...20!

Thank you!!!!!

love you!