Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shhh, It's a Surprise!

This past July 25th marked the 35th birthday of my amazing husband, Russ. I wanted to do something extra special to show him how much he was loved – not just by Robynn and me, but by all of his friends and family. So, I embarked on the journey every spouse must undertake, at least once in their marriage, and I arranged for a SURPRISE party to celebrate the occasion.

Food, fun, and fish? The food was great – no party is complete without a banquet of appetisers and munchies, followed by a feast of burgers, dogs, and salads. Fun was had by all – especially the grandparents and parents as we watched our children run and play together. And well, no fish, but all of the kids sure did act like it, large and small kids alike. The pool was a great big hit, and we had ALL of the cousins in the pool with their Daddies and Uncles.

Was Russ surprised, not really – especially after he asked for my work login and password and received a fierce “NO!” After all, how was I supposed to keep this secret from an IT guy, unless I used my work email? But he was a good sport and played along that he didn’t know what was happening. Russ was surprised, however, by the wonderful people that showed up: all of his family and mine, friends from as far away as Vancouver Island, even a school buddy that Russ hadn’t seen in months – and don’t forget our HA representative! So I guess Russ was surprised after all. He certainly enjoyed himself and felt very loved. Thank you to all of our friends and family for making this such a memorable 35th birthday.