Friday, November 14, 2008

36 weeks

I have one more week of forced bed rest! Except that I want a December baby, so I'll impose a few more days of bed rest to make it to December.

We just returned from the midwife appointment. It was a 15 minute drive there, and by the time we were a block away, I was so uncomfortable. I had felt Blessing move down - it was HORRIBLE... What are you doing to me kid! I've pretty much been in bed since last Friday - I've been very good - and this was the first car ride I'd been in...

Okay, Blessing grew! My belly measurement was 35 cm (up from 31 last week). Elaine (one of my midwives) said that Blessing had a good growth spurt this week (I blame the eggnog!). I wondered if it was because Blessing had moved up, but Elaine said no, because after she did the external exam, she felt that Blessing was actually lower than last week. Is that even possible without giving birth! It was truly the most uncomfortable external exam I'd had so far.

Blessing has also changed positions. Blessing is now in a position that, apparently, babies get into when they're preparing for birth. Which would go with (what I feel) was the second false alarm last night. I got so worried, I even called Elaine! She reassured me; told me to take a couple of Tylenol, have a bath, and go to bed.

Well, I'm back in bed. And here I'll stay until December 1. On that day, I'm going for a bike ride, doing jumping jacks, and everything else they say to do to stimulate labour! 16 more sleeps.


Lewis family said...

Thanks for keeping your blog updated. I hope you are able to get lots & lots of sleep and rest, rest, rest!!!

On another new layout - wintery/Christmasy! Yipppeee!!!