Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ebay is addictive! Especially when you have endless hours in the day to browse...

Okay, so I now have an Ebay account, and I've bid on a few items (much to Russ's dismay). I even won a bid. It was so exciting to watch the time come to an end and know that I was the winner!

I bought a 14k solid white gold ring with a natural sapphire & diamonds. I won the bid at $12.87. I'm not thinking it's real!!! But it was my first experience, and I think it was cool. Okay, the picture is really small here, but honestly, I was able to see it larger on-line.

Thank you Lynda for getting me hooked on Ebay!


Lewis family said...

You are most welcome!

I continue to thank you and Michelle for originally introducing me to ebay when I was pregnant with Joelle and had some serious time on my hands. *grin*