Thursday, March 12, 2009

Citadel Baby Shower

Yesterday was a fun day! The staff of Citadel Middle (my work) threw a baby shower for the babies that were born in the past year to staff of the school. There were seven!

Here are all of the babies together in reverse birth order: Natasha (December), Keelan(November), Matteo (October), Max (September), Brea (August), Susanna (August), & Kelsey (June)

Natasha got to meet Miss Joanne - Joanne is such a wonderful lady - and I was very privledged to work with her for a few years before her retirement.

My school knows how to put on a spread, and there was no lack of food or fun to be had! The babes and mums had a great time playing and chatting with everyone. And we are all so thankful for our special - personalized - gifts! Natasha loves her towel! It says: "Splish Splash Natasha's taking a Bath" - I'll have to get some shots of her showing it off. Thank you Citadel.