Friday, March 20, 2009

Reid Family Celebrates Nathan's 11th

On March 14th, Nathan turned 11! ELEVEN! I remember going to the hospital when he was born! We went twice on his birth-day - the first time, please note that he was the very first NEWBORN (like 2 hours old) that I'd ever seen. I was wondering why the doctor wasn't in the room of this blue little cone-headed child! All was good after it was explained that this was what new-borns really look like (nothing like what they show on TV). We saw him again later in the day, and he was round and pink and adorable! As I was holding this wonderful little bundle of joy, I was thinking... Hmmm, I wonder if Russ knows how much I want one of these! His Dad even remarked that he (Russ) needed to watch out, because it looked like I had the baby bug. Eleven years ago, Russ and I were still dating - we didn't get married for another two years, so it was nearly six and a half years to the day that we had one of these little bundles of joy ourselves - much to Nathan's chagrin, it was a girl!

Anyway, as is tradition, we Reids all gathered for cake and presents. I was very relieved to have been served ice cream cake (don't have to chew that!).

Prezzies, cake, and colouring on bodies??? Don't all birthday parties have colouring on bodies? I think Auntie Jodi started with tattoos, but things escalated so that all of the girls (and we Reids make a lot of girls) were covered in doodles!

Okay, I always say "Reids" when in fact there are other contingents to this ever growing group. Grace is really an "Alexander," but we love her just the same!!! Here she is showing off her tattoos...

Auntie Jodi has a thing for Pebbles Flinstone!

This is a 3 month old Natasha with her 10 month old cousin Isabelle.
They weigh the same and are almost the same height!

All of the Reid cousins posed for a group shot
(or 6 dozen - there were a lot of cameras!).
I wish I had a digital picture to show you from when he was born, but we just didn't have digital cameras 11 years ago!!!!!!

This photo is from our wedding - Nathan was 2. Nathan was our ring bearer. He was wearing a wool suit; it was August 13; heat stroke happened. Between the ceremony and the reception, his Mom had to take him to the emergency!

Here is Nathan in January 2001 - he would have been 2 1/2
Happy 11th Birthday Nathan!!!


Lewis family said...

I love birthday is such a fun way to learn more about people's family members! Thank you for all I learned about Nathan - heat stroke on your wedding day, wow!

The Reid family (with all the different surnames) definitely knows how to put together a good celebration!!!