Friday, October 31, 2008

Bed Rest

No pictures for this one either! Who is writing this blog? I'll see if Russ can take a shot of Blessing and I today (we are at 34 weeks!!!!), and I'll post them later... But for now, here's my scoop:

I have been quite sick this past week. I’ve been in bed for much of the week coughing etc. During that time, I really felt that Blessing had changed positions and headed a little south. This was confirmed at my midwife appointment this Wednesday. Although it was lovely to hear that I am in tune with my unborn child, my midwife was not too pleased. Apparently, with my history, with second (third, etc) children, and my very bad cold, I am now in a risk category of having a preterm baby. It appears that second (etc) children indicate their arrival by engaging. For a first born to engage early is okay, for others, it is more serious. Blessing is not “fully engaged,” but is aprox. ½ engaged in my pelvis. So, my midwife has put me on a moderate bed-rest schedule. As of today, I am 34 weeks pregnant. My midwife would like for me to keep the baby on the inside until 37 weeks at minimum. I would like to keep Blessing inside for even longer than that – like into December…

Robynn is going to become a handful and very good at reciting all of the Disney movies my Mom has purchased! Thankfully, we still have her enrolled in preschool/daycare twice per week, and Russ takes Mondays off to bring her to Wee College. But the poor girl is so in need of a good, all-out run! Playdates are still possible - give me a shout so we can arrange something for my stimulus deprived child.

Your prayers and well wishes, as always, are most welcome.