Friday, October 24, 2008

My Baby is Sick

So sick. It just kills me to watch her in pain. Robynn has had a runny nose for a bit now, and we honestly thought she was kicking whatever it was that she had, but yesterday she was running a bit of a fever, and last night developed a nasty cough.

I tend to get up quite a bit in the night: a 33 week baby bouncing on your bladder will do that... As well, leg cramps are NOTHING to sneeze at! But last night, after going to bet tooooo late, going to the bathroom a couple of times, getting out of bed to try and get rid of the leg cramp from you know where, my Robynn came coughing and crying into our bed. Russ got her some Tylenol, and she was eventually able to fall asleep. Her sleep was so wracked with pain, coughing, and fever that, although she slept until almost 10, it really wasn't a restful sleep.

This morning we headed to the pharmacy - where I discovered that my daughter is no longer an infant (as far as Tylenol is concerned), and now she is a "children." After one dose of "Children's Tylenol" she passed out on my bed. We have Dr. appointment this afternoon. I'm sure she's just got a virus, but I'm her Mum, and I worry.

Russ has asthma, and with the wheezing that she's been doing for the last 12 hours or so, I'm on hyper alert for any signs of asthma in her. So, prayers for my Baby, that she would get better, that this is only a virus, that she be in less pain... would be so very appreciated.