Friday, October 24, 2008


After a long wait for the doctor this afternoon - 2 hours - our doctor diagnosed Robynn with the early stages of pneumonia. (One of the clinic doctors was absent today, so the others had extra people to see). Actually, Robynn fell asleep in my arms in the waiting room. It was kind of nice, even though we weren't at home. She's on antibiotics now, and we are hopeful that she will recover quickly.

Actually, I have had A LOT of cuddles today. When she wasn't sleeping, she insisted I watch movies with her. I was, fortunately, able to read a book while she curled up to my big belly. I turned my bedroom into a comfortable space for her - I even brought up the little 15 inch TV we keep in the closet! Rubbing Vics Vapo-Rub on her chest brought back memories of when I was sick and my Mom would take care of me. Robynn was full of smiles when I explained this little tradition. Being a mother is pretty cool - even in the sick times.


michelle said...

Poor Robynn, I am glad she has Mummy to hang out and cuddle with. That always used to make me feel better, and the Vicks. That made me laugh, such a mom moment. Hope she is feeling better soon.