Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hip Plop

It’s supposed to be Hip Hop, but when I told Robynn she’d be taking a dance class called hip hop, she said “Yeah, Hip Plop!” Who am I to correct such cuteness!

My friend, Joanne, and I were thinking it would be nice to have an afternoon “off” so to speak, and as such, we enrolled our girls in a local rec dance class. The idea was to alternate weeks taking the girls to the class to give the other Mum the afternoon off. I am so thankful for Joanne, she has definitely taken the girls more than I have! Unfortunately for Robynn and Hip Plop class, Sophie and Joanne are enjoying time with family in Scotland right now. We wish them all the best, and a safe journey back to Canada.

Here are some pics and a little video of the girls during their class. Remember – it’s rec, not a dance school!!!


Robynn insists on wearing her ballet outfit to Hip Plop class!


At the end of the class, the dancers get to play a game of freeze.

Not a lot of freezing happens, but they sure do run and spin a lot!