Monday, May 18, 2009

Six Squared

Around 10 am on April 17th, 36 years ago, my beautiful mother gave birth to me. Thank you MOM!

For my birthday this year, I got to celebrate with my daughters. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. In the morning, after a leisurely wake up with my girls, we drove to the Roman’s home for Aiden’s 4th birthday party. I honestly can’t believe that I didn’t take a picture, so I’ll have to get one of Aiden and Robynn at church this Sunday.

My only disappointment in the day was the rain. I have been quite pleased with myself that for the majority of my birthdays here in BC (I’ve lived here for 23 birthdays!), it’s been quite sunny. Well, of course I wasn’t disappointed for long, because in the afternoon, the clouds split apart and the sun shone down its glorious rays. We picked Russ up from the train station (and he had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me), came home and went for a glorious walk along the Fraser.







Russ and Robynn picked up a few treats for dessert, so we celebrated in style. We should have taken video of how amazingly quickly Robynn was able to devour all that cake! But it happened too quickly…



I’m truly blessed. I have an amazing family; I live in a fabulous place; I’m loved, and I know it.

Yeah! Happy Birthday to me!


Lewis family said...

What a GLORIOUS day to celebrate an AMAZING & GLORIOUS woman!

Happy 6-squared, my dear friend!!!