Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Reillys

My Alpha partner, Sandra, and I were so used to spending every Tuesday together that we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves once Alpha ended!  So, we had dinner together! 

I explained to Robynn that we are The Reids, because all of us have the same last name and we are a family, and I extended that same conversation to talk about “The Reillys.”  Robynn couldn’t stop asking about when “The Reillys” were coming over… and when they did arrive, she greeted them: “Hello Reillys!”


We started the evening off with dancing and twirling in the living room.


Poor Liam, the girls used him as their little guinea pig for dress up. 

Actually, he was a great sport!


What a cutie pie!


We had an Indian feast, and everyone had full bellies at the end of dinner – or at least by the end of dessert.  The kids all made their own Parfaits (from our Fancy Nancy  book), and enjoyed all of their sugary junk!




Lewis family said...

Liam looks like quite a patient little guy. *grin*

Yummy - parfaits!

What a fun night!