Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st!

Yeah, we made it. We will have a December baby.

Yesterday, we put up the tree and some lights around the house. We'll finish today, and I'll post some pictures of the fun we had yesterday a little later...

But, so far, all of my prayers have been answered: it's December, and Blessing is still in utero; our tree is up and gorgeous - awaiting Blessing's arrival; we past 37 weeks - when we got our photo's taken (see last blog entry) and passed the mystical time where we are now able to have a planned home birth. Only one more prayer to answer: the arrival of a healthy baby.

We saw Elaine (one of our midwives), and here is where we sit as of this morning: Blessing is 100% engaged - Elaine can no longer feel the head - externally at least. My cervix is 100% effaced, and it has started to dilate. Elaine did a procedure called a membrane sweep, or a stretch and sweep. This is where, using two fingers, she separates the membranes, and, if possible, stretches the cervix a little further. This procedure can only be done if you're already dilated, which I was. After the procedure, I measured 2.5 cm dilated. Oh, and she got to feel the head! She was very clear that we (Blessing and I) are totally ready.

This procedure is not likely to start labour, but it may help things along. Last week, I thought the midwives would break my water (membrane), and, quite frankly, I was shocked that they would do that! But I was wrong. Cathrine (my other midwife) said "Membrane Sweep" and I heard "break membrane." Sorry, I'm pregnant...

I have a second appointment this week for a second membrane sweep. I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and I'm not allowed any more eggnog. Elaine thinks Blessing is around 8 pounds already! COME OUT NOW BLESSING!!!