Monday, December 22, 2008

Meeting the Man in Red

Needless to say, 10 days after birthing a 10 pound baby, I still cannot sit still. Yes, I am paying for my necessary outings and outright business, but I'm sure life will calm down in just a decade or so.

That reminds me! Unfortunately, I can't take credit for this, as I read it in one of the last few issues of Canadian Reader's Digest. I have CDO. It's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but I've put it in alphabetical order!!! That is so me. I just love it!!!

Okay, today started off with my remembering that I'd left my purse at church on Sunday - so no wallet, no Visa, no driver's licence, no keys, no chap stick! Since Russ stayed home today, I begged him to drive the girls and me to the mall for Santa pictures. He loves me, so he did. He even made me lunch before we left! I still really like eggs (my HUGE craving during this last pregnancy), so he made his special egg sandwich - yummy! But before lunch, we all had to clean up.

Now, this is not Natasha's first bath; I think we only videoed the first one. Here are pictures. Robynn is my big helper - really! She actually helps me out quite a bit (when she wants too), and today she helped me bathe Natasha.

Then we were off to the mall. Russ dropped us off saying he would meet us in the line up for Santa and went to park the car in booney-land. There was NO line up for Santa, so I had to wait for Russ. I would have just taken the girls in myself, but we didn't dress Natasha in her Christmas outfit before we left, and Robynn coloured her hands in yellow and green marker while we drove to the mall. I needed his help. We also forgot the brush for Robynn's hair and the lint brush to take all the yuckies off the four-year-old's dress (you know, after she'd sat and then rolled around on the mall floor!).

So, after heading to London Drugs and waiting in a HUGE line to purchase a brush and lint brush, waiting in another line for the family bathroom, feeding Natasha, changing Natasha (good thing we didn't dress her in her Christmas outfit - she went right through her diaper, onsie, and sleeper!), washing off the supposedly washable markers from Robynn's hands (green gone, yellow - not so much), we were ready to head to the line up. Of course, now, there was a line up. We waited about 45 minutes to see the man in red... To take up some of that time, I took Robynn to the little train next to Santa's station. Notice the yellow on her hands.

Well, we did eventually get the pictures. I feel better - I just had to have my girls get their pictures with Santa. We went to the food court for a quick bite, and we were out of the mall in just under 3 1/2 hours! Was it worth it? Of course, look how cute my girls are!!!


Lewis family said...

What fun to read, Miss Darcey Reid!

I was thrilled when I read NO line up for Santa...and then sad that it was a 45 minute line up later. Oh well, the photo is absolutely perfect (love Robynn's little happy-scrunched shoulders!!!) - just like your girls!!!!!!

Hope you had some sleep last night...but you're right, maybe in a decade or so!!!

Leah said...

So cute! You are a good mom. There is no way I would have waited more than 5 minutes for a photo with Santa.

Eleana said...

The Santa picture is so cute! Brea and I made it out last week for ours :o) We are sorry we haven't made it out to meet Natasha yet but the snowy conditions scared me for driving. So, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year :o)