Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday

What an exciting day for my girls this past Thursday! First we had Robynn's preschool Christmas party to attend where all of the kids sang for their parents and then enjoyed some snacks and made lovely crafts.

Next, Robynn's good friend Lucy (with her Mommy - my good friend Erin) came over AND brought Robynn's favourite lunch: chicken nuggets, fries, chocolate milk, and ketchup! Can't forget the ketchup. Robynn and Lucy play very well together, and had a great time waking Natasha at every opportunity. Poor Natasha didn't get any real sleep for a couple of hours. One would think she'd make up for it in the evening...

Later in the afternoon, Miss Lynda, Joelle, and Baby Susanna Kate came over for a visit too! Boy did we have a house full of girls. If Russ had been home, I'm sure he would have hibernated down in our computer room!

We even had a visit from our midwife, Catherine, during all of the hullabaloo. Notice Catherine trying to cover up Natasha's umbilical cord (because I find it totally GROSS! - it came off the next day and made me a very happy camper).

We had all of the little girls pose for us, and one or two of the pictures even turned out!