Monday, December 1, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Yesterday was an exciting day in the Reid house-hold. To prepare for Blessing's arrival, we set up the Christmas tree! It is my wish that shortly after Blessing greets the world, that I will put him or her under our tree and take the first, second, third, fourth... you get it ... pictures of our new little addition.

We were so very fortunate to have Miss Lynda, Joelle, and Baby Susanna Kate join us for a couple of hours of the festivities. We had the traditional Christmas decorating lunch - curry from the PoCo Bombay (it's just the best!), had fun making a huge mess while going through all of the Christmas decoration boxes, and we began to decorate the tree. Russ took turns hoisting the two 'big' girls up so they could each add their decorations to their chosen branches. It was such a joy to see Joelley lit up, well, like a Christmas tree. She had so much fun hanging decorations, and her smile spread like wildfire.

Of course it wasn't all chocolate and roses. Robynn and Joelle are practically siblings, so there was a little (sometimes a lot) of rivalry. But with the help of Mr. Russ and a whole slew of tree decorations, we were able to see smiles and giggles all around.

Now this being Baby Susanna Kate's first Christmas, I had to get her photo with the tree and a special ornament we received for Robynn's first Christmas. She is too cute!

Russ, Robynn, and I completed the decorating a little later, and Robynn - who showed great restraint (only because she couldn't reach the top on her own) - hung the Christmas Star on our Christmas tree. It only took two tries - we had to trim the top!

And here you have it! After Robynn went to bed, Russ and I completed the clean up, arranged the Christmas knick knacks, and, around midnight: we settled down and celebrate December 1st with a glass of real champagne! Yup, I indulged (only 1/2 a glass!). Not only does December 1 excite us with the impending arrival of Blessing, but it also marks our one year anniversary in our new home.

The Reids wish you a happy start to your Christmas Season!


Lewis family said...

Your tree is absolutely gorgeous...must be the home it is in!!!

Thank you for having us...what a special treat: food, festivities, 'sibling' exciting! *grin*

Can't wait to see the finished display!!!!