Saturday, December 5, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is my 2 Front Teeth

Or, just one… Robynn lost her first tooth!

Here it is all gross and wiggly in her mouth on November 21st.

On November 28, it finally came out!




When Robynn was born, yes – when she was born – my Step-Mum gave her a cute little bear that would hold her teeth to give to the tooth fairy. It’s very cute – in it’s own little, hand-painted box, on a cloud of stuffing… well, Robynn finally got to make use of this little guy. She was very excited.



This was Robynn the next morning… I just love my sleeping angel.


She was really excited to see what the Tooth Fairy had left her (by the way, the going rate for a small little tooth is $2!), and checking to see what she received got her out of bed quicker than most mornings!



Cloth Diapers said...

How cute! I think I'll faint when Eva loses her first tooth. I get all wierded out when my nieces show they their wiggly teeth.

Lewis family said...

Yeay Robynnator!

You know, I have a student named Robyn this year and every time I write her name I try to put an extra 'n'!

What a sweet blog entry. I think you are an amazing mommy getting right in there with a video of her loosey-goosey tooth!

What did Robynn do with her $?

Friend from Japan said...

Hi! My doughtar, Kotone (4 and 1/2years old)says now she is a grown up girl because she has some cracks between her teeth. She stare longingly at Robynn's pictures. She can't wait to lose her first tooth like her older friends.