Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie Jessica

One of my best girlfriends – Jessica – has made the *crazy* move to the land of cold and snow (Montreal, Quebec – okay a little town just outside of Montreal – where they speak French no less!). “Hmm, does Auntie Jessica speak French Mommy?” “No, honey… but she might pick up a few words.”

Jessica moved to Quebec to be with the love of her life and his family – but he’s in the Navy (yup, Canada has a Navy – had to look that one up! – but you would think with all this water, that we’d hear a little more about it – I digress…), so they may be back in BC before you know it.

A few girls sent Jess off with a couple of drinks and lots of love the week before her departure.



A couple of days before she left Lotus Land, Auntie Jessica had to come and see her girls. Here are some shots of that visit.



Oh, and Happy Birthday Auntie Jessica. Here’s the video of Natasha scootching – just for you!

Love you!



Lewis family said...

Wishing Auntie Jessica a warm & lingually-unchallenged birthday!

I think those pictures with her girls and then the Natasha video would be enough to make her want to be back here pronto! *grin*

Natasha has got to have some crazy abs!!!