Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santa photo!

We made the trek to see Santa this morning - it wasn't nearly as eventful as last year! Were were in and out in less time than it took to drive to Coquitlam Centre.

Robynn played shy. Natasha hammed it up. And we had a great shot.

This year Robynn wrote her first Santa letter. She dictated to me, and then copied what I printed out for her - here it is (typed) below:

Dear Santa,
Have a good time coming to our house. I am going to have cookies and milk for you. I have been a good girl. I help my Mommy and I take good care of my sister. Thank you for bringing me Petshop toys last year. This Christmas I don't want any toys I just want love.

Merry Christmas

Love Robynn

Yup, she just wants LOVE!!!!!!!!! Wow, I have the best kid in the world!!!!!! I even took her to Toys R Us for an hour browsing the aisles looking for what she'd want. At one point she was thinking she might ask for a red Christmas ornament, but she wasn't set on that. Robynn put a lot of thought into what she was going to ask for this Christmas. She wants love. I love her!

Now, if any of you have an idea how I can wrap up love, please let me know... I was thinking I might make her a scrapbook with her favourite pictures of family and friends. When she opens that, the charade of Santa may be up, but I'm ready for it.


Who could ask for anything more?


Lewis family said...

Okay, I need/want to see the picture LARGER! I tried clicking on it and it wouldn't show it bigger. HELP!

Love?!!?! Oh my...what an angel Robynnator is! Even with an hour at Toys r us...that is AMAZING!

Beeeeeeee-utiful babes you have, Miss Auntie Darcey, beautiful!!!

Erin said...

I LOVE the picture - your girls look beautiful in their Christmas outfits!

Love - that is the sweetest request ever!
How about a pretty box full of hearts? And you and Russ could write all the things you love about Robynn on them?

Lewis family said...

Thank you for the link to last year's Santa picture! I hadn't remembered the details and just about bust a gut remembering how crazy you were in the days after 10 pound baby Natasha was born!!!

Last year's blog is awesome, my dear friend! I am so thankful for this blog thing as it helps me to remember my own memories in more detail and then getting to read my friends' is simply icing on the cake!!!

I think Erin's idea of a pretty box full of hearts with special things about Robynn is beautiful. I might just borrow that for Valentine's Day for Joelle! (Thanks Miss Erin!)