Saturday, October 3, 2009

Manning Park and the Scary Squirrels

We went through Manning Park a few times in all of our journeys this summer.  Of course we had to stop at our favourite playground to get pictures!  Robynn loves to climb the tires – we have pictures from last year…



And this year…  Can you see the difference???  Yes, one little Natasha!!!



Since we usually eat in the car (non-stop), we just use Manning Park as a stretch-your-legs-and-potty-break pit stop.  This time; however, we used it as a picnic spot.  NEVER AGAIN!!!  Those little rodents there are so NOT wild – they want your food and they want it NOW!  All three of us girls were cowered together on top of the picnic table while Russ laughed uncontrollably at our expense.  Well, at least he did take some pictures!

Here’s one staking us…



I don’t know what they really are called… ground-squirrels, ground-hogs (that’s appropriate).  But they are creepy, scary, not polite little demons!  From now on, we eat in the car.


Lewis family said...

Okay, the final picture just HAS to be entered in a photo contest! The looks on your faces are perfect - and if one didn't know better, one would think the squirrel was added later!

Darcey - and your feet are up on tippy toes! TOO CUTE!!!

Those poor little misunderstood creatures...

Tricia said...

My crazy daughter loved the critters - I have SEVERAL pictures of her petting them!

Erin said...

We camped there, and had no issues with the gophers!

p.s. - love your new layout!