Monday, October 19, 2009

Penticton with the Lewis Girls!

For our family vacation for the summer, we rented a 27 foot Topaz trailer from RV Days – what a great idea! The people at RV Days bring the trailer to whichever campsite you’ve reserved (in the Okanagan) and set it up for you – ready to go! We booked a week at Wright’s Beach Campground in sunny Penticton. Okay, we were there the week it wasn’t so sunny, but that didn’t dampen our spirits…


Many of our meals were outside. Susanna and Natasha had the best seats in the house!


Susanna and Natasha spent a lot of bonding time together during this week. Some of that time was within the safe confines of Susanna’s pack ‘n play: safe from dirt, safe from crawling out into traffic – but most importantly, safe from the big sisters!!!


Lynda likes to spend her time ignoring me and my camera – but I did get a couple of shots in…


Robynn loves baths, and this one was no exception. She even made it look large (relatively).


Although, not as big a fan of the bath as her big sister, Natasha had her share of fun splashing Daddy in the 3x3 bathroom space.


We even managed to get EVERYONE into this itty bitty little room!

Robynn LOVED her top bunk – and she only fell out once. Yup, I’m a horrible mother… Every night, Russ and I would check on Robynn to make sure she was not getting to near the edge. On the third night, Robynn started inching away from the wall side – when I checked on her, she had a leg dangling over the edge, so I tucked her back in. Then, some ungodly hour in the night, BOOM, CRASH, SCREAM! I think I was there before the scream … Robynn had fallen from the top bunk. She was okay, shaken, but okay. And I went to Zellers for a safety rail that day!


Lots of cuddles…



Our girls had so much fun: exploring, biking, going to the park, swimming in the pool and at the beach!


My mint plant! – Don’t you bring plants with you when you camp? How else would you make spectacular fresh mint mojitos??? Russ was just upset, because my mint plant brought more luggage than he did!


Feeding the very tame ducks (much more tame than the scary squirrels!).


Dustin joined us after a few days – you can really get perspective of our trailers from this picture… Regardless – bigger than a tent, running water, heat and A/C – highly recommended!



Lewis family said...

Oh my, I am LAUGHING so much right now! Thank you for this wonderful blog highlighting our amazing week together!

Yes, it was quite a brilliant idea - you should give lots of praise to the person who hatched the original plan!!!

= )

Lewis family said...

Okay more comments from me!

I need to get some of these pictures! As always, you did SUCH an amazing job with your photojournalism on our trip!

Also, the view from the Naramata Bench was simply, simply amazing! I truly felt like I was in another Italy! Wow!

Lewis family said...

Oh, oh, and YES, she DID bring a mint plant - with luggage! I have to say, it did add some nice ambiance to our camping trip. *smile*