Monday, October 19, 2009

A Windy Day at the Beach

Russ was the only man on our journey for most of the week, and one day we decided to test his limits by packing six girls and allllll their belongings, snacks, drinks, pack ‘n play, towel… you get the picture. Fun was had by all, and we all – those of us over the age of 4 - made it into the water… some more willingly than others!

You can hear the wind – Russ is a little far away, as I’m not quite sure I want to brave the water yet… Look how choppy the water was, Joelley almost lost her balance!

Okay, I jumped in – not very deep this lake!

We all impressed upon Mommy/Miss Auntie Lynda that she needed to go for a dip – she caved under the pressure!

Natasha and Susanna played comfortably in the pack ‘n play – shaded from the sun with a large beach towel and protected from the wind with a large beach umbrella.

Here’s some random video of the girls just enjoying their day at the beach:

The big girls playing in the sand.

Susanna playing in the sand.