Monday, October 19, 2009

Water and Wine

Although this was a joint family vacation with the Lewis girls, we Reids spent a little time together bonding.

Our girls really enjoyed their time at the Wrights Campground pool and only kind of enjoyed our short (but not short enough) tour of the Naramata Bench Wineries.

Although the pool was the reason I chose this campground over any other, it didn't play as huge a role in our vacation as I thought it might. However, we did get to partake of it's cool waters on a couple of occasions...

We visited 3 wineries: Township 7, Red Rooster, and Lang. Of the 3, I was most impressed with Red Rooster– they’ve got a beautiful space, and their wines are very reasonably priced and tasty. However, my new favouritest wine is from Lang – their Grand Pinot – Yummy!

The garden outside Township 7 was beautiful!




The inside wasn’t so bad either!!!


Red Rooster had some interesting suitcase art around their grounds… hmmm…


Robynn found the mermaid, well, ummm… I guess we’re not art connoisseurs.


This is my favourite art!

The view from Lang Vineyards:

The last day – we packed up most of our stuff, and headed off to the public beach for a swim. We should have gone here earlier! The water was nice, the sand was comfortable (no big rocks to walk on), and it wasn’t crowded at all!




See that slide waaaaaaayyyyy out there. Russ and Robynn swam out to that slide and, although it took her a couple of tries, she did go off...

Bye Bye Penticton - until we meet again.