Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Little Mermaid – July Swim Lessons

In between trips this summer, we actually had time (oh, I make me laugh) for swimming lessons.  Robynn absolutely loves the water – okay, pool water.  She’s like her Mum, she’s not really a fan of water that’s not clear to the bottom.  Oh, she would like Thailand – I digress…

I registered Robynn for swimming at the Harris Road Pool – it’s a heated, outdoor pool here in Pitt Meadows.  The girls and I biked there most days, and after swim lessons, Robynn would sometimes play in the gorgeous park right next to the pool.

This July’s swim lessons held a surprise for Robynn – friends from our neighbourhood, Evan and Ava, were registered for the same swim class!  Robynn was so thrilled – she just loves these two.







Playing games


Of course, it was also an added bonus that Susan (Evan, Ava, and baby Alexa’s Mom) and I got to chat each morning while watching our children splash and play.

Natasha ate a lot of Cheerios

(and possibly some grass) during these lessons.


Baby Alexa, who was born on June 1st, spent most of these lessons napping. 


Susan and I commented that for next summer’s lessons it’s going to be a little more difficult to sit and chat with these two girls running around!


One of the cutest things about these lessons actually happened in the change room after each lesson.  Robynn always has a shower after class, and Ava decided to warm up and join Robynn.  There are two showers available, but why would they have separate showers?  Yup, every day, these two girls had showers together: shared the hot water, washed their hair – really it was just an extension of the swim time!

Once again, we are so thankful for where we live.